Monday, November 23, 2009

Living Life More Thankful

This morning I opened up CF Husbands blog. He had a wonderful idea for a challenge for all of us. I have decided that I would try it. He has suggested that instead of complaining about the things in our lives that we don't like, we should turn that around, and look for something to be thankful for. His example is folding laundry. Instead of complaining, be thankful that you have laundry to fold.

So this week I am going to challenge myself to be less ungrateful, and be thankful for the things I have. The people that I love, and who love me. My health, my families health. The ability to be able to celebrate the beginning of the holiday season. (I have not been thinking very nice thoughts about cooking and all the work that comes with hosting Thanksgiving).

Feel free to join me in this challenge. Just leave a comment and let us know if your up to the challenge. Have a wonderful week.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Not the Weekend I planned.

This past weekend didn't go as planned.

I am not sure that I have let you know, but Kris has been away all month with his unit at NTC (national training center). This is where the Army does alot of its training before they send units overseas to fight in the war. It is very much like a real deployment, the guys/girls have to turn in their cell phones, there is no Internet access. We call this "the box".

This month also is approximately 9 months from when they last got back from Iraq. You know what this means. Babies. Thursday evening I get a phone call from a wife, that she is in early labor. I try to call Kris (as a commander he has a duty cell phone). I start to leave message after message so his soldier will know about his baby coming. Hopefully get packed up in time and make the birth. Unfortunately NTC is in cell hell. I leave messages, and emails. To no avail.

Saturday night this wife gets admitted into the hospital to have her baby. More calls from me to him. This is also when we find out that the Red Cross won't send a message until after the baby has been born. We were always informed that once the Mama got admitted they would send a message. This was the first of many frustrations I had this weekend. Luckily this wife had her parents a sister in the area, so she had a great support system in place. Mama and Baby are doing just fine.

Then around 1:30am Saturday night I receive another phone call that we have a second wife in Labor. Luckily she was able to drop off her two year old with another family. Unfortunately she didn't have anyone to be with her in the hospital.

Sunday morning Kris' XO's wife Kadi and I went to the hospital to do our rounds. To welcome the new babies into our unit with a bunch of flowers and gift card. This is when we learn that wife number 2 is still in labor. And still alone. We convince her that she really shouldn't be alone, and that we are really trying hard to get a message thru to her husband.

We decide to volunteer to be her labor coaches. We give our numbers to the nurse, and leave the hospital, so we can go take care of her pets. I bring her dog home with me, so it will be easier to take care of.

A few hours later we were able to get the message thru to the dads, they were packing up their things, and headed on their way home. Thank goodness.

About an hour after that we receive our phone call that she is in active labor. Kadi and I rush to the hospital, (its about a mile away from where we live) to be by her side. During this time we get to witness her epidural being taken out, and reinserted, since the first one didn't seem to be working. Thank goodness the second on started to work almost immediately. Mama was able to get some rest.

That evening I witnessed my first live birth (probably not a good idea right before I am about to go into labor). I witnessed a few complications, but the hospital staff were right on top of it. I got to see which nurses I would like at my delivery. And in the end I got to see a beautiful baby boy being born.

I discovered that even if I didn't plan this for my weekend, that I learnt some very valuable lessons. That Army wives are awesome, they will step up and do anything for you. And we really are a family. Where else would this ever happen. Do you think that if you went into labor when your husband was away on business that his bosses wife would be your labor coach?

I just hope this weekend isn't as eventful. I do need my rest, as it is only just over a month to my own due date.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009


I want to say I am sorry. I have been a terrible blogger at late. I have begun posts and blogger wouldn't upload my photos. I got frustrated and quit. I hope you all can forgive me.

Here is a quick update. Everything is going well. I am getting bigger by the day it seems. The mid wife that I saw at my last visit made me go thru a second 3 hour glucose tolerance test. This one wasn't as bad as the first one. I haven't heard results yet, so I am taking that as a good sign.

Kris has been in the field for the past few weeks, so I have been on single Mom duty. Thank goodness Kyle has been behaving himself.

Last week my crib got delivered and I am so excited. I also got the dresser refinished. I still have to complete the bookshelf topper. I started to go thru Kyles old clothes, I can believe that he was that small. I started washing and putting away these clothes for Baby T.

My mother in law cam for a visit this weekend. We had a good time, she said that she needed her Kyle fix.

I guess thats about it right now. I am sorry again that I have been a bad blogger, and I will strive to do better in the future.