Thursday, January 29, 2009

Caffeine Free

So I did it. I gave up soda. OK well I am still in my first week, and this time it isn't because I am to lazy to go to the store like it was last time. I am trying to be a little healthier, and I also figure that it will help me shed a few pounds before Las Vegas. Well I guess its working a bit, I have shed two pounds this week. From just giving up soda. I am just hoping that it continues to drop.

A friend of mine and I were talking yesterday. And she said that to lose weight by changing your diet alone, you have to cut out 500 calories a day. I thought to myself, that that it just two cokes (that's what I like to drink). They are 240 per can. so not quite 500 calories, but a step in the right direction.

So my point in telling you all of this, is if you know me in real life, and we are going to be eating out together, make sure I don't order soda please.


So I went into the living room this morning, and this is what I found. Kyle with his new slippers on over his footie pajamas. So how do you wear your slippers? Kyle got a pair of these slippers for Christmas, and somehow on the way home we lost one of them, When he first got them he wouldn't put them on, and would scream when we tried. Well recently he has been wearing the one we still had. I thought that this was pretty sad, so I got on the Internet, and ordered him a new pair. He was so excited when they came in, and he likes to wear them most of the time, the rest of the time he is playing with them. And this morning when I saw this I couldn't resist taking a photo or two. And just look at that smile, you can tell hes having a great time with them.

Monday, January 26, 2009


So I haven't actually gotten them yet, but I got my shipping confirmation today. And since you asked here they are The second pair of Fabulous shoes that I bought for Vegas. I hope you like them, cause I love them.

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Vegas Baby

So I have booked a trip to Vegas after the Hubby comes home. I am very excited about it. We are dropping Kyle off with his grandparents, and we are going to party. We are going with another couple, who the husband will be home on mid tour. This is all that H and i have been able to talk about, since deciding to go last week. So yesterday we decided that we needed to go shopping for outfits to wear. We drove up to Denver and started shopping. At first we were very disappointed. We weren't finding anything. Well nothing Vegas worthy. Anything we liked either they didn't have our size, or didn't fit properly. Until these shoes.
I LOVE them. They fit great. They make me look tall. Which I think makes me look thinner. I had to buy them. Ever since I got home, I go to the box, and pull them out and just look at them. I know I am obsessed. But its over shoes, so that makes it OK. I ordered another pair of shoes online, since they were out of my size in the store, that I will blog about when they come in. Now all I need is the rest of the outfit. Does anyone have any tips on where we should go shopping for Vegas?

Friday, January 23, 2009

The Answers part 2

So there were some very good guesses out there. But only one correct guess. So here are the answers.

1. Lolly Water - Soda/ Pop or what we call it in Australia a soft drink

2. Cozzie- a swimming costume. Australians often shorten and baby words like this.

3. Purler - Something outstandingly good or admirable

4. Slag - to spit

5. Stubbie - a small bottle of beer.

I hope you had fun guessing.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Aussie Slang

Here we go again I'll post five words, you try to guess what they mean, If you don't get them I will post the answers tomorrow, by noon my time.

1. lolly-water

2. cozzie

3. Purler

4. Slag

5. Stubbie

Good Luck.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

The Dentist

So I am going to tell you that I have really bad teeth. I have had a lot of work done in my mouth. But I think today's experience has been one of my worst. And I have had a root canal. I was just getting a permanent crown on. All the prep work was done back before Thanksgiving, and I have been wearing a temporary for a while. So they usually do this without numbing you up, so you can feel how the tooth feels in your mouth. Today that didn't happen. My tooth was too sensitive. Once I got home, I was in the worst pain ever. Worst than the root canal, worse than having my wisdom teeth out. And the dentist didn't even give me any pain meds. I had to break into the stash from when I broke my toe. It was that bad. I hope you all never have a dentist experience like this one. This is totally why I don't like going to the dentist.

Hope you had a better day than me. Stay tuned for tomorrows post. I am putting up more Australian slang.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

The inauguration.

So I am currently watching the inauguration. I am listening to the music between the Vice president being sworn in and when the President takes his oath. This is the first inauguration that I have actually watched. And what struck me as Biden was being sworn into office is that I have heard that oath before. It is the same oath that they give officers in the Army. I was shocked by this. I would have thought that they would have a special one for the Vice President.

Monday, January 19, 2009

The Answers

Ok so I guess you guys gave up. Here are the answers anyway.

1. Chook - A chicken, like the one you eat to a scared person.

2. Dag - A unfashionable person.

3. Dingbat - An eccentric or mildly crazy person.

4. The trots - Diarrhoea. or the horse races. (could be very confusing)

5. Larrikin - Kinda like a hooligan

I hope you had fun. I might post some more works for you to guess later on in the week.

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Australian Slang

So I thought that it may be fun to write out a couple things that I may or may not have said when I live in Australia, and see if you can guess what they mean. If you read my blog, and your from Australia I ask that you not participate, so the American have a shot. And it may be funny to see what they come up with. OK here goes.

1. Chook
4. the trots

I'll check back every now and then. If you haven't gotten them by Monday an noon my time I will post the answers. Have fun.

Friday, January 16, 2009

Planes and Flying.

OK so I can't get off t he topic. But its kinda hard when every time you turn on the TV you hear about the "Miracle on the Hudson". So today's rant isn't about safety. But the person that always get the seat assignment next to me.

I am reminded of this just recently with our trip to Australia. On the way there I had a guy sit next to me that had really bad breath. It was bad when he hopped on and just got worse as the flight went on. And its 14 hours long. He at least was aware of it, cause I saw him break out some mouth wash in the middle of the flight, but I don't think it helped very much.

Then on the way back, I was starting to get excited as when everyone was boarding the seat next to me was still vacant. I was thinking to myself could we be this lucky? Well the answer to that was NO! The last person on the plane. Was the sitting next to me. He was over weight. Didn't speak a whole lot of English. And stunk like BO! When he boarded the flight. I had to Face Kyle the entire flight. This then caused me back problems later on. Every time he moved around the smell would waft my way, and I was disgusted. Not only this but he hogged the shared arm rest. I hate it when people do that.

Once I was seated in the aisle seat. And this woman boarded and had the middle seat. She was really over weight. Asked if I would mind taking the middle seat. Since I am a sucker I said yes. So I moved over so she could sit down. She then lifts the shared arm rest, and sits down. Taking up all of her seat and a few inches of mine. She was big enough to need the seat belt extender. I thought that you had to buy a second seat if you couldn't fit into one. So I thought this will be over soon. It was like a 3 or 4 hour plane trip not horrible. So the drink cart comes down. We get our drinks, I place down my tray, and she places her drink on my tray. WTF? Hello? I am such a wuss I don't say anything. I finish my drink and want to put my tray up, so I can catch some Z's. Her drink still on my tray table. I still couldn't say anything. I think that some people need a lesson in flying etiquette.

So that's no the worst of it. I found myself on a plane sitting next to someone of middle eastern decent. Who also couldn't speak very much English. Who smelt! BAD!!! One of the worst smells that I have ever smelt in my life. So I tried facing politely the other way. But then when the drink service started and I noticed him holding his cup. I noticed his hands. There was something encrusted around the cuticles of his nails. I try to take a closer look. Its BLOOD! WTF? Do people not wash their hands? And why would you have Blood encrusted on in your nails. Very sketchy. I think that was my worst flight ever.

So I have some requests for the next time you fly, just in case you get seated next to me.

1: Please shower.
2: Use deodorant.
3: Brush your teeth.
4: If you can fit into one seat then buy a second.
5. Wash your hands, especially if you have blood on them.

If you don't do these things first I am likely to Blog about you, so the rest of the world will know your dirty little secrets. Thanks for your cooperation.

So is it just me or has something similar happened to you during a flight?


So by now we have all heard about today's plane crash. And its made me think. Have you noticed a whole lot more plane crashes lately? Or is it just me? I have never really worried about flying before, but today I do. I wonder if the airlines aren't just making budget cuts with the little bags of peanuts. I wonder if they are cutting costs on maintenance. This really concerns me. When I was watching the news coverage of the people climbing out of that plane. I wonder to myself what if that was me. I think I would be freaking out. I am worrying not only about myself, but Kyle too. I think that what freaks me out the most. I am responsible for not only my life but his too. He's not old enough yet to be able to put on that oxygen mask, of the life vest. And do those life vests even fit a 2 year old properly? They used to give me a infant one when I flew with him when he was smaller, but not now. It seems weird to me that he would fit into the same size as I would.

Sorry about my rambling. But I needed to get it off my chest. And since my Hubby isn't home to vent to, you guys get it. I think it may be a while before I fly again. Am I being irrational? Should I have been worried about this sooner? Tell me what you think.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

The Beach Part 2

Sorry Kyle won't look at the camera.
Kyle and I. I think this is a pretty good pic for taking it myself.

Kyle and I had a great time jumping waves. But he wouldn't let go of me even to let me take a picture of him.
So this is for those of you that asked. I went to Australia to visit my family. I grew up there, born and raised. I moved to the states right out of high school when my Mum got a job transfer here. I went to college n Kansas, where I met my husband, and he is the reason that I continue to live here in the states. So when I go to Australia I don't really do the tourist thing very much. Unless I am with a non local. This was just me going back to my home town, to visit family and friends. I flew into Sydney, and stayed there the whole time. I still have my grandfather, Aunt, Cousins, Brothers, Dad, and a brand new little niece there. My only family that I have here is my Mum and the family that I married into.
If you would like to know anything else about Australia I would be happy to answer. I have travelled up and down the east coast, and part of the south coast, back when I used to live there. Its a gorgeous country. If you ever get the chance to visit, I would totally recommend it.

Monday, January 12, 2009

The Beach

This was Kyle's first look at the Beach. He stood here mesmerized. I had to pull him away from the railing so we could walk down to the sand. This was the hottest day on record for ten years. I think it was a great day to go to the beach. Kyle and I only spent about two hours there, but he loved it. I will post pictures of us jumping waves tomorrow.

Sunday, January 11, 2009


This is a little from the Sydney Aquarium.

Friday, January 9, 2009

I'm Back

Just wanted you all to know that I am back in the country. I had a wonderful time in Australia. I even got a bit of a tan while I was there. Will post more later this weekend. Looking forward to catching up on reading what everyone else did over the past two weeks.