Friday, November 28, 2008


So yesterday I hosted my first Thanksgiving meal. I personally didn't take any photos. So I stole that one from over at H Bombs blog. Thanks for taking pictures for me H.

Despite my Hubby being absent I had a great time. I didn't feel stressed at all with the cooking. My friends know that I love to do this kinda of stuff. And I usually don't let anyone bring anything, and I like to have my kitchen to myself.

I am very thankful for my good friends that I have made here. And they truly have become a second family. What would I do without you girls I do not know. I am so thankful that I wasn't alone all day. Even tho I did make a trip to Wally World, and the grocery store, cause I had forgotten things. Like who forgets to buy green beans for the green bean casserole? Me that's who, and I didn't realise it until Kyle was down for his nap, and we had already gone out once during the day. So I guess I am thankful for stores being open on public holidays too. Where I grew up stores would not have been open, and we would have had to go without green beans, and I would have ruined Thanksgiving dinner, with my poor preparation skills.

So over all I had a great day, I hope you all did too. Ohh and I want to know is there something weird that your family makes for Thanksgiving dinner that's fabulous, so I can steal the recipe for next year??? Please share.

Wednesday, November 26, 2008


Well Kris is gone. He left early this morning. This was really hard for many reasons. And not necessarily in this order.

1. We got used to having him home again.

2. We had to get up early, if you know me at all you know I'm a sleeper.

3. Saying good bye yet again.

4. Watching him have to say good bye to Kyle.

5. Watching him go down the ramp onto the plane (if your a military family member they give you a pass so you can go thru security to see your family member off).

6. When crying at the airport, and having all sorts of strangers stare at you when you you are trying to say good bye.

7. Having you two year old wipe away your tears.

8. Watching your two year old say and wave good bye to Daddy. This is the first time that Kyle has really been able to verbalise good bye, and I am sure the first time that he will really notice that Daddy's gone.

9. Coming home to an empty house.

So I ask that you pray for all the military families that will be without the ones that they love during the holidays. And to remember to be thankful, that you are at home with yours. What we just experienced this morning is one of the toughest parts of deployments. Being separated form the ones you love. I would also like to thank all of those families who are going thru this same thing, or have been thru it. Your what makes this country great, and I am very thankful for my freedom that our service members are fighting for. Thank you very much.

Monday, November 17, 2008

Kris- Mas

So I haven't fallen off the face of the earth. My Husband is just home on mid tour. So this weekend we drove to his home town in Kansas, and celebrated thanksgiving, and Kris-Mas. Since Kris won't actually be home for either.

I wanted to share that we are now calling our early/fake Christmas Kris-Mas. Kris says that Jesus gets to celebrate his birthday next month, so this is Kris-Mas. I thought that it was pretty cute, so I just had to share. Once we get back later this week I will post pictures, and tell you all about my awesome gifts.

I hope you all had a wonderful Kris-Mas weekend.

Sunday, November 9, 2008

T minus 2 hours!!!!

I pick Kris up at the airport in less thank two hours!!!!! He will be home for the next two weeks. I am so excited. The house is clean and we are so ready. It has been almost 6 months since we saw him last. Long overdue if you ask me. Yeah!!!!!

Thursday, November 6, 2008

How was your morning?

So I was making Kyle wear a thumb guard to help him stop sucking his thumb. It was working too. No thumb in his mouth for over a day. He wasn't really fussing about it either. Are you waiting for the penny to drop? Well it did.

This morning when we got up, I noticed that it was kinda red. So I cut off the strap, going to give it some air. (I did that last night for a while too) Well his skin was all red, starting to flake up a bit, and it is now starting to swell. And worst of all it looks like there is a pussy blister forming on the underside of his thumb. Kyle is whining and sticking his thumb in the air. So what do I do, but get us dressed and rush him to the emergency room.

So I am waiting in line, waiting to check in. Trying to stop some lady from cutting in, and I turn around to see Kyle with his hands on the Fire alarm. Before I could stop him, he has pulled it, and the fire alarm is going off in the emergency room. I apologize, and am completely embarrassed. The still make the entire waiting room evacuate. Poor people that are sick having to go outside into the cold. Thank goodness, it was only for 5 mins.

So it turns out Kyle thumb is all infected, we get seen pretty quickly. Probably cause they want us out of there. Kyle in now on an antibiotic an Tylenol. Thank goodness it wasn't any worse. And we aren't going to use the thumb guard again. I checked their website, and it says that a small percentage of children can be allergic to the hospital grade plastic, and to discontinue use if this happens.

So that was my morning. How was yours?

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Sorry The video is so dark, hopefully you can make it out. I just love Kyles laugh.

And I stopped the video, because he got on the Table, I don't allow that. And please pay no attention to the mess in the house.

Monday, November 3, 2008

Hospital Gowns

So I started sewing in the sweat shop again. I added two new styles of gowns today. And I will be adding a couple more later on in the week. I know a lot of people have been showing interest in them, so use the link on my side bar to go over to my etsy shop if your interested. If you don't see a fabric that you like, I do take custom orders. You can pick out the fabric, and I will make it. Thanks for all the support, you all have been very encouraging.

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Happy Halloween

We decided that this was Kyle's best Night Ever.
He wanted to break into the candy as soon as he got it.

Kyle Pulling off his mane.

The one picture we got with it on.

This is all Kyle did until he figured that people were giving him free candy.