Thursday, March 25, 2010

So Hard.

So I am missing Kris pretty bad. I haven't heard from him since he landed in Kuwait. Its hard when I am hearing from some of my friends that they are hearing from their husbands everyday. I know they are excited to hear from them and want to share the news, but sometimes I wish that they would keep it to themselves. I want to hear from him so badly, when they tell me that they have been hearing from their husbands and then ask if I have heard from Kris, it hurts when I have to say no. I have one friend that keeps on pestering me on why I think he hasn't called. I want to just burst out in tears. I wish she would just drop it. How do let her know that I just don't want to talk about it?

Also since I am the FRG (family readiness group) leader, I have been fielding the calls from other wives that they haven't heard from their husbands. What do they really think that I can do about it? Do people think that I can just call up my own husband and get theirs to call them? I am in the same exact boat as they are. If truth be told my husband probably has less down time then theirs.

Sorry for my rant. I just need to get that off of my chest. Let me know if you have any suggestions on how I can deal with the other wives. I know that a couple of you have been in my position before.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010


This morning while stripping the sheets off of my bed I debated on whether I would wash his pillow cases. Is that kind of Gross? In the end I did strip them, as somehow in the middle of the night my husband seems to scrunch up the pillow slip. so half of the pillow is sticking out. I have no idea how he does this, but every night he does.
So tonight I will sleep on clean sheets, without the smell of my husband. And so the year of being lonely begins.

Monday, March 22, 2010

So Sweet

So I am going to post a few catch up posts since I have been slacking for the past few months.

When my mother was staying with us over Christmas/ the birth of Joshua. Kyle went into my Mothers room, and climbed into bed with her. Usually we would discourage this behavior, but he didn't do it to spend the night with her, he brought he a flashlight. He showed her how to use it. And told her it was for if she got scared. I thought this was so sweet.

Sunday, March 21, 2010


So Kris has deployed again. This is his 4th deployment to Iraq. I think I am handling it OK. I guess I have to now that I have two children to take care of. Saying good bye was hard. When Kyle told his daddy that he loved him it broke my heart that Kris was leaving us. Over the past year Kris and Kyle have gotten pretty close.

I made Kyle a daddy doll (action figure that's what Kris wants me to call it). He has been carrying it around. Last night we went to go pick you dinner Kyle had to bring his "my daddy" along with him. When we were leaving the house he said that my daddy was cold so he put him up his shirt. He took my daddy to bed with him last night also. Its really sad to think about this. Kyle made me kiss my daddy this morning, and is now downstairs playing with my daddy in the basement.

I am going to ask you all again to please pray for Kris' safety. For my sanity, and for the year to go by quickly. Thanks.