Monday, September 29, 2008

Not Me Monday

You can link to the original Not me Monday at MckMama's blog. She started this a few weeks, back, and is encouraging everyone to join in Not me Mondays. It is a list of things that we did not do this week. So here goes.

I did not get grosses out while cleaning out my fridge this morning.

I was not a hermit all week, only leaving it once.

I have not been driving down to the mail box, cause it takes too long to walk.

I did not put away some of the really messy toys so Kyle couldn't play with them, cause that would just be cruel.

I am not made at Nigel, who has seeming given out my cell phone number as his own. (no I don't know who Nigel is)

I am not mad at the three girls that continually call my phone asking for Nigel. And I didn't mind one little bit telling one girl eleven times that she had the wrong number.(Does she think that I am lying?)

I did not break into the Halloween candy this week, cause that would be wrong. But Skittles and starburst are so tempting.

I did not wait for Kyle went to bed, before I cut into the chocolate cheesecake, just because I didn't want to share.

Hope you all had a great week doing things that you shouldn't either. So what did you not do this week?


Tonight I parked our trailblazer in the garage. For the first time ever. I think that is cause for celebration. I know I have probably had bigger accomplishments in my life, but it feels pretty good right now. I was hoping that we maybe might be able to park my car in the garage, but to be able to get the trailblazer in is awesome.

And yes H I finally got my bike lift installed. I had been procrastinating doing this for over a week now. And it was a lot easier that I expected. I will have to back out the car before I take the bike down to ride it. But I got a car in our garage. If you had never seen our garage before, you won't understand why I am so happy. Maybe you can imagine a garage that is so full of stuff that you can barely walk thru it, without stepping on/stepping over/tripping over something or another.

I hope that I can inspire someone else out there to do the same. It makes me fells so good to have that clutter gone. So I am celebrating tonight with a can of coke. I went almost a week without having one. That's also a accomplishment for me.

Hope everyone out there had a great weekend. And know that I Loooved watching all my new TV shows that were on tonight. ;)

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Oh What Fun.

Sorry I was able to flip in on my computer, but it doesn't show up here.

Hopefully you will able to use your imagination.

Friday, September 26, 2008

TV Time

I Love this time of year. Not because the weather is changing, or the leaves are turning on the trees. I do like these things, but the reason that I love this time of year is because all my favorite TV shows start up again. Yes I Know its sad, but I can't help it. Last night I was in heaven with the start of the new Survivor, and Grey's Anatomy. And I am looking forward to Sunday night. With the start of new Extreme Makeover Home Edition, Desperate Housewives, and Brothers and Sisters.

I am pretty sure that I have not missed an episode of any of these show, an have some of them on DVD, and watched them numerous times.

Are there any shows that you can't miss? Any that you are looking forward to starting back up? Or am I the only crazy one out there?

Wednesday, September 24, 2008


I hope this brightens your day. Sorry the lighting is so dark. I didn't realise this until after I posted it.

Monday, September 22, 2008

Not Me Monday

So MckMama is hosting a not me Monday. Mine probably won't be as funny as the rest but here goes.

I did not procrastinate writing this post.

I did not stay in Jammies all day.

I did not leave my son in his jammies as well, only to change him into a new pair for bed tonight.

I did not chuckle to my self when My friend found a snake in her yard, and said that she was using a rake a protection, when she went to find it.

I did not chicken out of piercing my nose again, cause I think that all those tattoo places look Nasty.

I did not buy a second set of alphabet letters for my fridge, after my son lost (jammed them down the doorway) the first set.

I did not place sed magnets out of his reach so he couldn't do the same over again.

I did not leave the dose of Motrin out on the coffee table, so I wouldn't have to fight him taking it, and then be secretly pleased when he does take it all by himself.

I did not have a caffeine free day.

I did not not do it by choice. But cause I ran out of Coke.

I did not do alot of things I should have today. What did you not do?

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Keeping In Touch

Sorry I have been out of touch this week. It has been crazy. On Monday I drove 3 1/2 hours into Kansas, dropped off my one and only child with his grandparents, and then drove another 3 1/2 hours home. It was a long day, and I really didn't feel like doing much after. My tail bone hurt like all heck. I broke it during delivery, and anytime I am in the car for long periods of time, something aggravates it.

Tuesday I had a officers spouses luncheon, where we played Bunco. I didn't win a thing. But the odds weren't that great since there were 80 odd of us playing. Then Tuesday night it was girls night out with the wives of my husbands unit. We went to the Melting Pot. I love that place. But I think that it is pretty over priced for food that I end up cooking myself.

Wednesday I got my hair done. I am now a blond again. This took quite a long time. My appointment was at 10am and I didn't leave until after three. I was starving since I hadn't eaten anything all day long. In the afternoon, I started cleaning out the garage. If you have ever seen how much junk we have, you know that this was going to be a long process.

Today I stayed at home. I finally got to chat to my Husband for the first time this week. Before his Internet went out. I finished cleaning out the garage. Well almost. I bought a bike lift, so my bike could be out of the way, and its missing a part, but as soon as that is done, I think that we will be actually be able to park a car in our garage. What a novel idea. This is this first time in almost two years that we will have been able to manage this feat.

Tomorrow, I am going with a friend to get a Mani/Pedi. And maybe catch a movie in the theaters. That's another novel idea. I don't know when the last time I saw a movie was. Sometime last year I bet.

And Saturday it's another long drive into Kansas. To pick up my baby boy. God do I miss him. This is the longest that we have ever been apart. I'm thankful for my in laws to give me a bit of a break. I have managed to get alot accomplished.

I hope you all out there are having a great week. Sorry I have been slacking on the blogging.

Saturday, September 13, 2008


This face has nothing to do with McCain being on the TV.
Kris says that he thinks Kyle is going to vote for Obama.

I wanted to show off this T Shirt. It was made by a good Friend H, over at The ramblings of H-Bomb . She makes Toddler shirts. And is now selling them at You should go check them out. They are very cute.

I also wanted to say thank you to Anita J. over at MudandCoffee. Today I received my first prize from a blog. She sent me a really cute bookmark. Just what I needed. Now I don't have to used a piece of TP. ;)

Also in the mail I got my Stellan Bracelets. Mckmama is selling Bracelets to help us keep Stellan on our minds. And to keep us praying that he will be a healthy baby boy. They are cute. I just wish that Kyle would keep his on.

I hope you all have a great weekend. I am looking to finally getting out of the house and going to dinner at H's house. Thanks for inviting me H.

Friday, September 12, 2008

Creap Creap Creap

So last night while I Creeping into Kyle's room to turn off all the lights. And I saw this. I couldn't resist taking a photo. So I quickly ran down stairs to grab my camera. Lucky he didn't wake up with the flash. I just think that looks so sweet sleeping.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Crazy Cat Wednesdays

This week crazy cat has been pretty tame. Its has started to get cold here in Colorado. Especially at night. So he hasn't spent to many nights outside like he would during the summer.

However, he did spend one night outside. And I guess so did another one of the neighbors cats. I hear thru the grapevine that around three in the morning they both decide to go into this other cats house. The neighbor left the garage door cracked. Crazy cat also has no issues about going into strange homes.

Well this particular neighbor doesn't just have one cat she has three. And one looks very similar to mine, but it has white mittens. Her third cat is a scardy cat. When she saw Zelko she started flipping out. Woke up the entire household. That's the mom and five kids. If that's not bad enough the neighbor decides that its a good time to inform another neighbor. At three in the morning.

So this week Crazy cat woke up part of the neighbor hood with his shenanigans. Not a major infraction, but something to add to the list of crazy things he has done.

Can you believe that this sweet little cat has done all these crazy things?

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Dr Phil

So today's Dr Phil show was all about weight loss. Yes I think that most Americans should shed a few pounds. But what right does Dr Phil have to tell us that we all need to lose weight. He isn't exactly skinny himself. I think that Dr Phil needs to read his own book, and do his own race across the country so he can lose his own weight. Before he tells the rest of us that we need to.

Sorry about my little rant, but I had to get it off my chest.

Sunday, September 7, 2008

The Dark

Kyle is afraid of the dark. I can't believe that it starts this young. I always thought it was an older child's issue, when the start thinking of monsters in the closet. But no anytime I turn off a light my son starts screaming.

This issue has gotten to the point that he won't go to sleep without light. And I am not talking just a little light. Kyle has two night lights in his room. He has the twilight turtle Which glows and projects starts on all the walls and the ceiling. He has a regular bedside lamp. And the overhead light on the ceiling. He must have all of these lights on in order to go to sleep.

How can anyone sleep with that much light on? I make sure that once he has actually fallen asleep that I go i and turn them all but the night lights off. I can still see him perfectly well with just the two night lights on.

Does anyone out there have any advice on how I can break him of being afraid of the dark? Or should we just move to Vegas now?

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Crazy Cat Wednesdays

Crazy Cat is missing a toe. A toe you say. Yes a toe. No he wasn't born this way. We had to have it amputated. Why? Well that is where the crazy cat story starts this week.

Right after Kris came back last deployment, we were sharing one car.(we still owned two, but my old car was a piece of S**T and I hadn't kept it up during deployment that it no longer started) I dropped him off at work, and went on to Target. When I got home I could hear crazy cat crying in the garage where my old car was parked. I thought that he just got closed in and opened the door to let him back in the main part of the house.

What I found was not a cat that got trapped in the garage, but one that was hanging from my car. What you say. Yes hanging from my car. From what we can figure happened was that he was sitting on the hood of my car, slipped, and got caught. His toe was stuck between the the front panel and the front passenger door. and he couldn't quite reach the ground from where he was hanging.

I panic. I try to get him free. But no luck. What do I do. He was in such pain he wouldn't let me near him. I call Kris. At work in a meeting. In a frantic state. He can't just come home. I have the car. So I have to go pick him up across post, and bring him back home.

Kris takes a look, and thinks what the F***. He tries to get him loose too. No luck. We then decide that the only way is to bend the car. Yes. Bend the Car. We get out pliers. and start bending the two panels away from the cat. He is screaming. Finally he is free. We all hop in the car drive straight to the vet.

They can't see him straight away, but make him comfortable, and tell us that they will call us after they have taken X-rays. X-rays show that miraculously he hasn't done damage to anything else, just the toe. We have to make a decision. Do we want them to repair the toe, which they are not sure they can do. Or do they amputate it, and he will recover quickly, and live a eight full more lives. I call my Mum and ask her advice (shes a vet also not practicing anymore). She says that we should probably just go ahead and amputate it. So this is what we decide. The vet later said that there was no way that they could have ever saved it. But were amazed that he did no other damage.

So that is why crazy cat no longer has all his toes. And how alot of his craziness started. Hope you all had a great Wednesday.

One little Tornado

How is it that one little boy can make this much mess in approx. 30 mins. I was sitting at the table sewing, not paying too much attention to what he was pulling out of the toy closet. When I look down, this is what I find. He also won't let me put anything away while he is still awake. Even if he hasn't touched it in an hour. That is exactly what he want to play with right then and there. I hope the rest of you out there have cleaner children than I do.