Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Nightmare Move

Part 1

Earlier this year we found out that the Army was moving us across the country. No big deal we were expecting this. When Kris got his orders cut he made his appointment with the moving office. When getting there they proceeded to tell him, that they couldn't move us with their contractors by the time when had to report here. Our options were, move ourselves, hire someone to move us, or me wait behind with the kids and our stuff and have them move us. Since I was pretty pregnant at this point, and we already had renters for our house, the option for us was to hire someone ourselves.(The Army reimburses us 66 cents per pound). This was kinda a inconvenience but not a huge deal. I told Kris I wanted nothing to do with it, and he was to organize everything.

We found a company that was able to move us on the dates that we wanted. They were very personable on the phone. Everything sounded like it would run smoothly. We decided that we would pack up the house ourselves and save some money. I was annoyed at this, but figured that we could handle it.

Moving day comes. The house is packed up. The movers don't show up until after 1pm. GRRR. We should have known something was up then. Some of them movers throughout the afternoon and night started to talk to me, and some of the stuff they were telling me was very concerning.

A. on was on parole from another state. These people were supposed to be background checked.
B. three of the movers were hired off of Craig's list the day before.
C. the older of the three was smoking pot out the front of our house.

This is when I should have called the cops and had them all arrested. Hindsight is everything.

Well since they showed up so late, they couldn't finish loading all our stuff that day. They would have to come back and finish the following day. Pushing our leaving CO back a day.

They show up late the next day too. Now this is starting to get real annoying, but what can we do right. They already have half our stuff, and we really need to move. Also Craig's list workers didn't want to work a second day so we were down to two guys.

At the end of day two. They give us a copy of the packing list, and tell us they think we have gone over our original weight estimate, so the cost to move us is now over $18,000. What this is triple what the binding estimate was. We are completely in a bind, they have all our stuff, we know this isn't right. But what can we do right. This is a nightmare.

The nightmare continues in Part 2.

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I don't like being left hanging like this!