Sunday, October 30, 2011

Part 2

We get on the road, we pick up the boys in Kansas at their grandparents. When we get to the grandparents we find that our two boys are sick. Sick enough to be running 102 fevers and a visit from the PA across the street. Because we have been delayed so much we don't have any cushion in our drive time, we have to push on. We drive on to our college town. Within 5 minutes of checking into our hotel room, Kyle manages to throw up all over his bed. Not a good start to the trip.

Thankfully by the next morning the antibiotics and Tylenol had kicked in and the boys were feeling better. We drive on. Day 2 of the drive goes pretty smoothly. Kris got a hold of the manager at the moving company, and he reassures him that its not going to cost us $18,000 after all, but since they haven't weighed our stuff yet, not positive of our total. I feel so much better.

Day 3 of the drive, not as smooth. My pregnant boy was not liking the drive. I had to pull over several times to pray to the road gods. The kids were driving me nuts, Kris swapped cars with me that helped, until we stopped because I felt like I was going to pass out. I wanted to nap. Kris indulged me in this. Apparently I napped for two hours. We decided to push on for a little longer, because Kris really needed to sign in to his next duty station, so he wouldn't be considered AWOL.

Day 4 we made it. It wasn't too bad of a drive, and we were all happy to make it to my mums.

Day 5 Kris signs in. Signs for our new rental house, and sees it for the first time. He loves it. I hate it. We call our movers to see when they will deliver our goods, they give us a 3 day window the following week. Kinda annoying but not horrible. The kids and I decide to wait it out at my Mums.

The three day window come and goes, they couldn't make it, they will deliver on the weekend. This does not happen.

This goes on and on. Kris finally loses it with the moving company. It just so happens that our landlords son is a lawyer, and offers to help us out. Moving company doesn't like that we hired a lawyer. They tell us that unless we now pay them $22,ooo they will auction off all our stuff in CA. Lawyer suggests we pay this, and then sue them later.

We have to report the company to the Department of Transportation. They tell us not to pay them, call the police, and file a report. PS its now August!!! We do everything the DOT ask us to do, and they find the movers in violation of federal law. They are currently fining the company over $ 1000 a day that this continues. This has now been 4 months.

I miss my stuff. Next time you move, before you hire a company, don't just check their licence number, check them out properly. This is a common scam. Most people just pay up and move on. We are fighting it until the owner goes to jail.

I pray that one day soon we will have our household goods again. I will keep you updated on when we finally get our stuff, and what condition its in. I am purposefully not posting the companies name until this is over. If you would like to know message me, and I will tell you. I just don't want to blast it over the web, until all legal matters are over.

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Burgh Baby said...

Oh my goodness! That is absolutely horrible. I hope you get your stuff soon. :-(